Hotel Chef

The last several days have been pretty hectic with packing up the remainder of our household goods, super-cleaning the apartment (and crossing our fingers that we are rewarded with the return of our hefty deposit!), and moving our family of four (two humans, a dog, and a cat) into a hotel room. Now that we are settled in the hotel, we are just waiting for the day when we can fly back to the states. Unfortunately there are still odds and ends of paperwork that we need to take care of before we travel, so we can’t just head out immediately.

Queen-sized bed for four?

Although there are a few upsides to hotel life (for example someone else comes in to clean for me!), eating has been kind of difficult. Our room is equipped with a fridge and a microwave, but the selection of easily microwavable foods in grocery stores is pretty limited. Don and I have been eating a lot of salad bar meals and have had a few microwaveable dinners. Nothing gourmet comes out of the microwave, but our ratings of the nuke-able options (based on taste alone, not nutritional value because I don’t believe any of these meals are particularly nutritious) are as follows: Amy’s Organic microwavable meals get two thumbs up, Kraft Easy Mac gets two thumbs down, Ramen noodles with snap peas and shredded carrots added to the broth get two thumbs up, Morningstar Farms Spicy Black Bean Burger is awarded two thumbs up, and Campbell’s Soup at Hand gets one thumb up, one thumb down. Honestly, the salad bar is the real winner but it is unfortunately only stocked during lunch time.

I am counting down the days until I can be reunited with a real kitchen that has a real stove and real knives to chop things up with and real counters on which to do the chopping- I don’t actually know when that will be so my countdown is imprecise. In the meantime, I have been browsing recipes both online and in cookbooks at the library and in bookstores. I found a tasty sounding arugula, watermelon and goat cheese salad recipe in a cookbook at the post office that I’m looking forward to making (it sounds perfectly refreshing for Hawaii’s climate), and earlier today I found this recipe for ‘samosa’ mashed potatoes and this one for a quinoa salad with ginger sesame dressing. Feel free to go ahead and make these and let me know how they taste so that I can live vicariously through you!

Hotel living


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