iamnotafitness freak is, in fact, NOT a fitness freak. She is acquainted with some fitness freaks, and lives/works/plays among them, but she is a normal person who has misgivings about exercise and no desire to take part in any eating regime that ends with Diet- Paleo, South Beach or otherwise.

iamnotafitnessfreak has created this blog in an effort to find a like-minded audience, an audience who thinks a burpee is a cute way to describe a belch and who would never declare an obsession with CrossFit because they really aren’t sure what exactly CrossFit is, an audience who wants to get fit without a lot of sweating and grunting and trying really hard. This blog is intended to garner support for iamnotafitnessfreak as she struggles to get a little more fit and in turn, she hopes others can find support here too.


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