Happy Marathon Eve!


‘Twas the night before marathon and all through the town not a single runner could be seen wandering around in a nightgown, ‘for the Big Day was tomorrow and on marathon eve all runners are sleeping- dreaming of finishing with ease.

They are tucked into beds in hotels and their homes while they dream of finish lines and hitting their heartrate target zones.

The carbs have been eaten, sore muscles foam-rolled, all that remains to be determined is in Mother Nature’s control.

Will the day dawn clear, bright, dry, and breezy in order to make their epic run easy-peasy?

Or will there be hot sun or- even worse!- a pounding rain to make their long slog even more of a pain.

Whatever the weather, these runners are well prepared; they’ve logged many miles jogging to and fro, here and there.

They’ve run up and over hills and down into the valleys, on wide, clean sidewalks and through cluttered back alleys. They’ve run morn and night, in rain and sunshine, and now are prepared to kick some behind.

So, rest easy, little runners, and build up your strength because tomorrow brings a run of considerable length. But know that you’re ready, it’s your time to shine, just take it easy and get to that finish line.


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