Two weeks ago, I overdid it.

In addition to the usual Tuesday and Thursday night runs with the group, Don and I signed up to do another fun 5k on Friday night. This 5k took place at sunset on the flight line at the nearby Marine Corps base and was fun and picturesque, but was a silly idea to do in light of the fact that we had a 12 mile run to accomplish two days later.

Post 5k Selfie. Thanks to Andrew and Alice for the hat!
Post 5k Selfie. Thanks to Andrew and Alice for the hat!

My 12 mile run was terrible. I was hot and tired from the beginning, and my frequent walk breaks did little to revive me. I finished the run but was discouraged by how weak and tired I felt especially since I felt so strong running 10 miles the week before, and I think overloading my running schedule was to blame.

My weak and tired trend continued into last week’s Tuesday and Thursday runs, but luckily  I felt better during yesterday’s 8.25 mile run. When I’m feeling tired, the mental part of running comes more into play and I guess having a few bad days on my way to the marathon will help toughen my mind for what’s to come.

Yesterday we had a breezy, soggy run with a few rain showers and plenty of puddles, but the absence of the sun made our 8ish miles almost enjoyable. I’m trying to keep an open mind about what is to come this week; we have 14 miles ahead of us on Sunday and it feels like an almost impossible goal, but I know that if I psych myself out about the distance I will only make it that much harder to do. One of the things that keeps me going (in addition to the knowledge that each step brings me closer to my couch) when I’d much rather not is that fact that I’m not suffering alone!

My soggy posse.
My soggy posse.

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