Getting better all the time… or at least not getting any worse.

We ran 10 miles on Sunday.

We were blessed with an overcast day, a strong breeze (that was at our backs on the way home, mega bonus!), and only the briefest of rain showers around mile three that I found quite refreshing since it didn’t soak me any more than my own sweat would have anyway.

Our fledgling group of six met around 6:30 and hit the road immediately so that Don could make it home in time to watch his beloved Chargers and the rest of us could carry on with whatever Sunday plans we had made (mostly napping). My plan of a slow and steady run was a good one, and by the time I reached the 5 mile turnaround point, I was still feeling pretty fresh. Thanks to the cooler weather and my slow pace, I actually only felt fatigued during the last half mile- part of which was uphill- which was impressive.

We're smiling because it's over!
We’re smiling because it’s over!

We don’t get to rest on our laurels for very long; this weekend we have a 12.5 mile run looming over us, and I’m feeling the same excited dread for this upcoming run as I felt for the 10 miler. My plan will be the same; slow and steady so that I can finish without crawling  on hands and knees the last mile, and I hope Mother Nature blesses us with a nice breeze and maybe some overcast or partly cloudy skies. I was disappointed to learn that our route is in nearby Kaneohe because Kaneohe is very hilly, but sometimes that’s the way the cookie crumbles (did somebody say cookie???).

The bright side is that I have been feeling stronger lately. On Tuesday night, we did a five mile “tempo run” which means we ran a little bit over a mile at a normal pace to warm-up, then ran about 2.5 miles at a speed that was faster than our normal comfortable speed and raised our heart rates, and then about a mile of jogging to cool down. I didn’t have my trusty heart rate monitor with me, so I’m not sure how above normal my pace was, but I know that when I started to speed up, I didn’t think I would be able to maintain that pace for the entire 2.5 miles, but I did! Training is paying off; I’m able to pick up the pace when needed (for short spurts) and the hills are starting to feel less like a suicide attempt and more like an uncomfortable experience that I hope is over quickly- like a visit to the dentist.

Tonight, Mike has promised us another hill workout, and I can tell from the distance outlined on the route map (very short), that the hill must be pretty steep. Perhaps I’ll channel some of Mindy Kaling’s motivational thoughts to get me through tonight’s hill run and Sunday’s 12.5 miles.


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