Taking it Outside

I must confess that I haven’t been putting the beautiful Hawaiian weather to good use and have been working out inside since we arrived. Not only are the temperatures much hotter than I am used to, but our hotel is also in a location that isn’t very conducive to exercising outside. The hotel is next to a busy highway where traffic doesn’t stop (even for pedestrians in marked crosswalks) unless the light turns red, and where many homeless people have made their camps under the overpasses.

Part of the fun of going outside for a run is taking in the scenery, and since the scenery along the highway consists of fast food wrappers and broken bottles, I haven’t been all that motivated to take to the great outdoors beyond going out with Jack for his early morning walks. Since the small size of the hotel gym (I think it was converted from a suite into a gym as it is twice the size of our hotel room) and its limited equipment options were making me a little stir crazy, I was pretty psyched when Don had the long weekend off and we could go out and about on the island and do some fun things.

Koko Head as seen from Diamond Head
Koko Head as seen from Diamond Head

Our most ambitious activity was a hike up the Diamond Head Crater. Diamond Head is one of O’ahu’s most notable landmarks and this hike, while on a marked trail with hand-railings, is not for the faint of heart. As usual, the weather was hot and Don and I were glad to have packed our water bottles for the trek. We saw quite a few tourists hiking in flip flops, crocs, dress shoes and street clothes (dresses, jeans, stuff you shouldn’t be wearing on a hike), and by the time I made it halfway up the crater, I was feeling very sorry for them.

Waikiki as seen from Diamond Head
Waikiki as seen from Diamond Head

I think because the hike is only a mile and a half round trip, people underestimate how tough it is; by the time Don and I reached the summit, we had climbed 84 floors. Even though it is a short hike, it is a very steep one and the terrain is challenging because the trail, while marked with handrails, is a footpath created by the erosion of people walking on the crater so it is very uneven and narrow. When we reached the top, we were rewarded with wonderful views of the Pacific Ocean, Koko Head crater in the distance, and Waikiki. Working out with Mother Nature was a welcome break from the confines of the hotel Fitness Room. Although we were tired and sweaty by the time we climbed down (who am I kidding, we were tired and sweaty before we even reached the summit!), it was great to feel the sun on our shoulders and breathe in the fresh seaside air. I hope your long weekend was equally satisfying!

We're just a small island in the middle of a big ocean
We’re just a small island in the middle of a big ocean



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