Tick-tock, tick-tock…

The countdown is on (it has been for a few days now)! This Saturday I will set out to run 10k (6.2 miles) in under 75 minutes. If you are a runner and you are reading this, it might sound like not a very long distance and not a very short amount of time to do it in, but I assure you, it is both of those things for me. Today will be the last training run (2 miles, Jack has agreed to accompany me, we’re hoping to do them in 20-25 minutes) before the BIG EVENT, and I must admit that even with all of the successes I’ve had in training (need I remind you that two Saturdays ago I ran 6 miles? On my own two feet? And I lived to tell the tale? Ahem, maybe you didn’t hear me, 6 MILES!!!!), I’m nervous about Saturday. I’ve learned more than I thought I would by training for my 10k run (a race only against my own limitations and time itself, not actual other people), and one of the most important things that I’ve learned is that- like everyone else – runners have good days and they have bad days. The good days happen when you’ve gone 3 miles without even realizing it, the bad days happen when you barely get out of sight of your house before you start looking to see how far you’ve gone and how far you have left to go. Lately I’ve been having more days verging on ‘bad’ than ‘good’. The main problem is that I start to think about all of the things that I have do do when I get back from my run- the chores, the errands, the replies to dear friends’ emails- and I lose sight of the importance of what I’m actually doing while I run (making myself have a longer lifespan and defying the laws of physics). What will be most important to me on Saturday will be to stay in the moment and focus on getting from mile 0 to mile 6.2 without worrying about what’s next. I’m arming myself with a fresh playlist and a good night’s sleep, and will report back on whether I’ve achieved my goal or fallen short.

In the meantime, my good friend Amy who lives in NOLA just yesterday recommended an easy at-home fitness program. Amy is a busy gal and was having a hard time finding a fitness regime that would fit into her jam-packed school/work life that also didn’t require her to have to pay for an expensive gym membership, and she credits this one at Jessica Smith TV as being the best. She likes that she can workout at home (just hit pause when it’s time to check on dinner in the oven!) and that Jessica gives modifications to make the exercises easier or more difficult depending on where you are in your fitness journey. You can buy DVD or digital downloads from the website, and Jessica also has a YouTube channel of free workouts (one I’ve posted below). Free is my favorite price (yours too? no way?!) and I took a look at some of what she has to offer and these videos look great. Thanks Amesface for cluing us in!


2 thoughts on “Tick-tock, tick-tock…

  1. Wohoooo!!! Thinking of having “I heart Jessica Smith” T-shirts made (originally it was going to be ” I want to be Jessica Smith” T-shirts but someone said that was over-doing it a little. So glad you’re spreading the word! I’ve never seen that particular video so it’ll be interesting to take a look 🙂

  2. PS. You don’t need a “good luck” so I’ll just say HAVE FUN during your run!! You’re going to finish and feel so good at the end. Can’t wait to hear how it goes 🙂

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