Another Half-Mile Closer

Just keep jogging, just keep jogging…jogging…jogging…jogging

After I recovered from last week’s run with KiKi, it dawned on me that, at 3.5 miles, I was only two more laps around the city away from my goal of 6.2 miles. Actually, at 1.75 miles per lap, I was less than two laps away, but it is much easier for me to exaggerate the amount of work still left to do and then be pleasantly surprised when it is less than I imagined. I’m sure I’m not the only one who uses this little trick.

When I realized, as I luxuriated in the comfort of my couch, that I was less than two laps away from my goal, I also realized that I wouldn’t have been able to run those laps unless given a good reason like a bear chasing after me. Although since the route we ran took us past a bakery, even a bear chasing me wouldn’t have been a solid reason to run another 2.7 miles; instead, I would most likely have run as far as the bakery and ducked in to buy the hungry bear a tray of donuts. Even a bear could see that a tray of warm jelly donuts was a better option than a sweaty lady who may or may not have remembered to apply deodorant before embarking on her run.

Because I love waking up early on a Saturday morning and testing the capacity of my lungs in the cold January air (I know, my sarcasm is so subtle it is almost an art form), I signed up for another run in the great outdoors with my favorite Fitness Freak, KiKi. Since we had a winter storm on Friday, the ice and snow made us expand our loop so that two times around equalled 4 miles.

Yesterday I wasn’t feeling the run, but I made myself go anyway, and, even though at some points KiKi was just a tiny teal speck in the distance, and at times my legs felt like two limp sausages, and once in a while it seemed like my lungs had imploded, I was glad that I did it. Okay, maybe somewhere in the middle as I skidded on on unseen patch of ice or when secondhand smoke from an elderly man walking in the MIDDLE of the path instigated a coughing fit I regretted the fact that I wasn’t cocooned on my couch eating cereal and catching up on The Mindy Project, but at the end of it all, I was glad that I had done it.

Today I was extra glad that I had done it yesterday because it meant that I didn’t need to run today! I believe this is what they call ‘winning.’ Another win is that by running 4 miles,  I burned enough calories to warrant treating myself to a Cadbury Creme Egg. Treat ‘yo self!



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