After a three-day holiday hiatus I finally got back into my workout routine (I was dragged to the gym by Don), and, since I’m still hanging on to this teensy little cold, we avoided the typical cardio heavy-workouts that are my punishment of choice after a few days of slothing around. I took this opportunity of having a gym-buddy accompany me to learn a few new tricks.

Today, Don taught me how to do box jumps. I have seen people doing box jumps before, but, with my well-known lack of coordination and natural athletic ability, had never attempted them myself, and now that I have, I can say they are much harder to do than they look. I chose the smallest box, one about 12 inches in height, and Don promptly- to my dismay- traded it in for one that was about 30 inches high.

It takes a little trust in yourself to do a box jump; you must jump from the floor onto the box without a). losing your balance and falling backward, b). knocking your shins into the edge of the box, c). losing your balance and falling sideways, d).missing the box or e). losing your balance and falling forward. I made all five possible mistakes but eventually got the hang of it (probably to the disappointment of the man running around on the indoor track that overlooks the workout area- I saw you trying to cover up your laughter!).

We spent the rest of our workout playing around with other new things- strength bags, wall balls, and some super tough leg exercises involving the boxes. It was fun to get out of the normal routine and try some new things and also fun to have a companion with me while I got back into the swing of things, and, now that my legs have been engulfed in flames, I can return to my blanket nest on the couch and continue binge watching season 2 of Nashville.

Box jumps! Even cats like them:


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