Yoga with Adrienne

I thought I’d share this quick little yoga workout video with you all. I’ve subscribed to ‘Yoga with Adrienne’ on YouTube and have found her videos to be PERFECT for days when I’ve backed myself into a corner schedule-wise and do not have time to drive to the gym, workout, shower, and drive to wherever I next need to be, or for days, like today, when I’m a little under the weather (’tis the season for sneezin’, am I right?) and want to move my body without straining my poor ‘ole mucus-filled lungs. She has videos for all skill-levels and ambitions, but I chose this particular one to share with you because not only is it the one I most recently completed, but, at the end, Adrienne wraps up with a move I thought that I had created… apparently not! Anyway, enjoy this video and definitely check out Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube if you do- it’s a great way to get in a nice stretchy-body workout without getting your cold cooties all over everything at the gym.


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