Ask not what your body can do for you, but what you can do for your body: Fitness when under the weather

This week seemed endless. I woke Monday morning with a stuffy nose that by Wednesday had progressed to a full blown sinus infection and, in doing so, halted my time at the gym in its tracks.

Monday and Tuesday’s workouts were pretty good despite my inability to breathe (Tuesday featured a return of the Tough Mudder intervals I posted here), but on Wednesday, with my head pounding and sinuses full of snot, I decided the healthiest thing to do would be to call it a day and revisit the gym once this cold was vanquished.

Sometimes it is easy to forget that your body can’t fight two battles at once; it wasn’t fair of me to expect my body to be able to dedicate its energy reserves to both fighting back against an upper respiratory malady and building better muscles. Neither was it fair to expect other gym goers to want to share equipment with me in the diseased condition I was in.

Despite having quarantined myself from the gym and vowing to take it easy, I made sure to stay limber by continuing my daily dog walks and doing some at home stretchy-yoga workouts. Now I am feeling like a fully-functioning human again, I’ve done a little meal preparation to make my mornings go smoothly and am ready to ease back into my routine, the dumbbells are calling!

Made it to the top of the hill! Jack isn't really into selfies.
Made it to the top of the hill! Jack isn’t really into selfies.

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