Summer [Boot] Camp!

I survived the first week of Boot Camp, and between the crazy hot temperatures and a staffing debacle at work, it is actually kind of miraculous. Per the usual, I woke early on Monday morning to muddle through my daily dog walk, a little studying for my online classes, and a quick ride with my four-hooved friend before the start of Boot Camp, and I was getting a bit nervous about what to expect from the class. I’m probably not the only one who, prior to entering a new fitness class, is gripped with panic that she’ll be in way over her head and struggle to keep up with everybody else in the class who is on the same level of fitness as Demi Moore in G.I. Jane. Fortunately, that was not the case and the class is composed of moderately fit people who, like me, are looking for ways to stay engaged with exercising and become a little more fit.

Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.
Motivation is what gets you started. Habit is what keeps you going.

The Boot Camp, so far, features circuits of body-weight strength exercises. I think that this was an insightful decision made by the instructor because not only are circuits great for strengthening your cardiovascular system without doing traditional cardio exercises like running or ellipticizing*, but these ones are also good take-away exercises that you can do anywhere. I think both of these things are important for maintaining a fitness regime; lets be completely honest with ourselves: cardio is boring. Unless you have deep thoughts you want to sort through, getting up the motivation to head out for a long run is kind of hard, so, on the days when you do not have any deep thoughts (or maybe don’t want to be left alone with the ones you DO have), circuit training is a great way to do cardio and strength training simultaneously, and the cardio is sneaky because, with the distraction of the exercises, you hardly notice you’re doing it. It is also important, in order to maintain a dedication to fitness, to be learning exercises that require only our bodies and about six square feet of space to accomplish; you can do these exercises when on vacation in a hotel room, in your office on a lunch break, or even in your house should another Polar Vortex snow you in this coming winter. No excuses!

I must confess that I made it to only two out of the three Boot Camp classes I had hoped to attend this week (I mentioned a staffing debacle at work; it also made me miss my Tuesday morning Spin class, is this a situation where I should use a hashtag? #firstworldproblems), but the class has a Facebook group where Sarah, our teacher, can post the daily workouts, and I was able to complete the one I missed on my own although it wasn’t as fun as doing it in a group (no one to commiserate with). Overall, I think I’m doing alright in the Boot Camp. I was reintroduced to my archenemy the burpee (I haven’t done a single one since it was mandated by Jamie Eason) and found them more manageable. Pushups I’ve come to terms with, and we were introduced to squats of all shapes, sizes, and colors. There were jumping squats, there were power squats, pulsing squats, wall-sits, and walking squats, and my buns were super sore the next day. On Fridays, we do a fitness test so we can keep track of our progress, another great motivator, and this Friday, Sarah treated us to some water with an inspirational message taped to it (see photo above) to celebrate the end of week one.

Post-Boot Camp lunch, salad bar with tofu I brought from home. Protein me up!
Post-Boot Camp lunch, salad bar with tofu I brought from home. Protein me up!

Another thing about the Boot Camp that I really like is Sarah’s teaching style. She demonstrates all of the exercises and makes sure to give us pointers on our form when we get sloppy, and she doesn’t say stupid things like “think about that bikini” to motivate us. When you are far away from the size you feel like would look good in a bikini, comments like that can be deflating. Instead, I’ve heard her say “this is YOUR workout, make it count”, and this is great because it puts the onus on us. Even though we may feel like our biceps are about to burst, why not do two more push-ups? We’ve carved out this bit of time during our day to devote to our health, why not make the most of it?

Taking rest day to the max.
Taking rest day to the max.

Last week’s classes have me really looking forward to the weeks to come. I’m excited to see how much progress I make, particularly in running (yes, we did do some traditional cardio because, well, it’s necessary and some weirdos people really like it). Running outside is not my forte, and last week it felt extra hard, so I’m hoping it starts to feel a little less hard. This weekend, I had a super duper, much needed rest day on Saturday (complete with some Bourbon Slush Punch from Smitten Kitchen) and today I spent some time at the pool and got some good laps in. I feel ready to take on Monday and whatever Sarah has in store for our Boot Camp class.


*I might have made this word up


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