I’ve been thinking quite a bit, lately, about the many reasons for prioritizing fitness. It is probably a safe generalization to make that many of us initiate a fitness routine based on a desire to look a different way- I know that was the main reason for me when I first started to get serious about getting in shape. I did not like seeing the extra doughnut of fat blobbing out over my (too-tight) waistband or my bloated face that was threatening to obscure my (already teeny-tiny) eyes from view, and I didn’t like feeling winded going up stairs while simultaneously trying to have a phone conversation, nor did I enjoy stuffing some of my favorite clothes in the back of the closet because they wouldn’t zip or, if they did, they cut off my circulation when I sat down; these were the things that motivated me to START getting fit, and now that I have and resemble a more normal-sized version of myself, I have found all sorts of different reasons to motivate me to CONTINUE to be fit. I think probably the most important thing to remember is that fitness is not simply about looking good in a bathing suit or even just feeling good about yourself (but it IS nice if you feel good about yourself too); instead, it is about treating your body (the only one you get) in a way that insures you will live a long and comfortable life.

If you feel like you need a little extra convincing to get you off the couch and onto an elliptical, check out the following articles (mostly from NPR, my favorite news source) that discuss how exercise and fitness can help prevent things like cancer and senility. Sometimes, you need to see the bigger picture to realize just how important good health really is.

It’s never too soon to start!

Give your brain a fighting chance!

Feeling blue? Strap on your workout shoes!

Ditch diabetes!

It doesn’t have to be a big deal, start small.

Kick Cancer to the curb!

Strong bones are made from more than milk.

7 Good Reasons

Is your heart working overtime?



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