Winter is…um…leaving…

Spring is on its way! I know that you in the states just rolled your clocks forward an hour and even though you are still (from what I hear from my family and friends) digging out from under snowbanks and chipping away at the ice floes in your driveways (when did we go through a Game of Thrones-ian time warp and end up in a land with decades-long winters???), you can look forward to more daylight time and the promise of warmer weather soon to come- winter can’t go on forever, can it? Here in Germany, things have been feeling super-Spring-y this week.

We’ve had lots of sunshine and temps this weekend even passed the 50 degrees fahrenheit mark. Not a minute too soon, I say! After my lovely vacation in Spain, I’ve been feeling a little ‘blah’ about both my gym work and my dedication to eating healthy/avoiding junk foods.  Blame it on the damp, cloudy days preceding this week or blame it on the giant displays of Cadbury eggs lurking in the corner of every grocery store, but I have just not been feeling it.

Even so, I still went to the gym almost every day this week, and I’m glad that I did; there is nothing more likely to derail good intentions than letting yourself off the hook when you are feeling lazy! While I definitely did not give 100% effort at the gym (I gave an average of 75-80% effort), I still went, lifted some weights, got a little sweaty and made myself stick to a schedule. I’ve decided that simply going to the gym and doing SOMETHING when you’d much rather not is worth congratulating myself for; it took a lot of willpower for me to not dawdle and- oops!- conveniently run out of time for a workout.

I’m letting myself off the hook a little bit for not giving 100% every day this week. Its probably unreasonable to expect that I’ll be able, physically and mentally, to give 100% all of the time, and when the choice is ‘some’ or ‘nothing’ quantity is better than quality. These last few sun-drenched days have chased away some of the ‘blahs’ and have made it much easier for me to look forward to getting out of bed. I’m also starting to look forward to some spring and summer activities.

The kale patch, weeded (courtesy of Don) and ready for action
The kale patch, weeded (courtesy of Don) and ready for action

For my birthday last week, my Mom sent me a cookbook of kale recipes (I’m going to try out my first recipe from the book tonight, will let you know how it tastes) and located in the first part of the book are very good instructions for growing your own kale. Why not, right? I picked up two packets of kale seeds yesterday and will try my hand at gardening as soon as the weather is a little bit warmer. The new recipes to test and the (extremely happy) thought of having my very own kale ready to eat in my backyard this Fall have helped keep me from derailing diet-wise and going over to the dark side that is Cadbury.

Two kinds of Kale to grow, what luxury!
Two kinds of Kale to grow, what luxury!

I hope that you’ve been able to avoid the late-winter blahs. I find that the early winter holidays and then the determination to stick to a resolution help us get through early and mid-winter, but after February, it gets difficult to remember why anything but camping-out under the covers and waiting for Spring is important. Whenever I’m tempted to use a silly excuse to justify avoiding my workouts, I remind myself of how guilty and sluggish I feel after skipping-out on exercise, and how even just a little tiny bit of exercise makes me come out ahead of where I would be if I didn’t do any at all.


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