I’ve just rolled out of bed and every part of my body is stiff or sore. Yesterday was cardio day and I spent some quality time on both the treadmill and the stationary bike (read: full-blown ‘tomato-face’ and lots of sweat!); the day before was legs day so I squatted, pressed, and lunged until I thought my legs would snap off. Getting back into the swing of things after vacation has been rough, but I’m finally feeling like I’ve found my groove.

Tonight I have to head straight from the library to a function for Don’s work. The bad news is that my most flattering and most favorite dress which I last wore in December was accidentally given to somebody else by the dry-cleaners (they are still awaiting a response from this someone, I’m about to give up hope of every seeing this marvelous dress again). Since  my go-to dress is MIA, I’ve had to do some rummaging in my closet for something that is both work-appropriate and dressy enough for a corporate dinner and the only thing I could come up with was the infamous grey Calvin Klein dress that I have previously referred to as ‘the dress that broke the camel’s back.’ A year ago (almost exactly, in fact), I tried to wear this dress to a similar function without success; try as I might, I could not get the zipper to close more than a couple of inches. It was a really hard moment, but one that was ultimately for the better because it kick-started my dedication to better health, and THIS time, one year later, when I slipped the dress over my head and said a silent prayer to the Gods of the Greased Zipper, the dress fit! No tugging, no fussing, no holding my breath as someone else yanked, two-handed, on the zipper pull, it just fit. This is actually better than good news, it’s great news! I will post a photo later, I promise.


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