It’s Guerrilla Warfare….

Makes my mouth water even looking at a photo of them...
Makes my mouth water even looking at a photo of them…

Anyone trying to eat more healthily, beware! It is a funny coincidence that these tasty little delights become available about 2 months into the new year. It is almost as if the fates are testing us- “you’ve made it this far into your resolution for better health and fitness, now show me what you’re really made of!” I have a few suggestions for limiting your intake of Girl Scout Cookies:

1. Buy a box to share with a friend, then ‘forget’ to take the remainder with you when you leave your friend’s house. This seems a little underhanded, but  avoiding Girl Scout Cookie overindulgence is an every-man-for-himself situation.

2. Get married. Especially if you are a woman, this is surefire way to insure you don’t overeat. We bought a box of Thin Mints on Saturday afternoon, and by Sunday afternoon they were gone. I only ate 6 of them.

3. Bring them to work. Nobody can resist the temptation of a Girl Scout Cookie. Grab a couple for yourself and then leave the box in a common area to be devoured.

4. Park your car in the garage or down the street and close all the blinds so people think you are not at home; if the cookies can’t find you, you can’t eat them. Very determined Girl Scouts may still  knock on your door, so this method is not foolproof.

Good luck, my friends, and may the force be with you.


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