No more training wheels, uh-oh….


The last day of the LiveFit trainer was sort of anticlimactic; it was simply one hour of cardio, and the fact that I had actually completed all twelve weeks didn’t sink in until the NEXT day when I got to the gym and flipped open my notebook to….an empty page.

Instead of a carefully constructed agenda for my day’s workout complete with asterisks and stars marking the supersets and active rests, I had no plan whatsoever. The possibilities were endless, and all that wide-open space to roam free was a little bit daunting. At first, I thought, “haha! See you suckers, I don’t have to BE here, I can just leave if I want, I FINISHED my twelve weeks!”, but that was a stupid thought. Why, oh WHY, would I skip out on my gym routine when I just put all that work into establishing it? Well, honestly because deciding what to do in the gym is not easy. I felt overwhelmed by all of the choices and just when I started to panic, I thought WWJD (Jamie, not Jesus)?

I realized that it was, in theory, a Legs day, and I flipped back through all of the previous Legs days and pieced together my workout based on my favorites of Jamie’s exercises, I call it Legs: Greatest Hits. While definitely not original, I ended up with a good workout and hopefully I will get more brave about designing my own. The rest of the week was much the same; I picked exercises from the LiveFit Trainer based on which body part I was focusing on each day and tried to do forty-five minutes to an hour of lifting and thirty minutes of cardio.

My schedule has gotten a little wonky with all of the festive gatherings of the holiday season, so I am taking two or even three days off from the gym in the coming weeks. In order to be consistent, I will continue to pick ala carte from Jamie’s workouts and follow her schedule as best I can through the holidays, and then I may do Phases Two and Three over again, we’ll see what the New Year brings.

This first week after finishing LiveFit was more difficult than actually doing the program. While I like having the freedom to change things around if, say, the leg press machine has a line of twenty people waiting for it, I am apprehensive about being able to design a workout that gets the job done without overdoing it. Thanks to Jamie, I have some guidelines to help me out.

Now that I’ve moved away from the circuit training featured in Weeks 11 and 12 and gone back to doing fewer reps with more weight, I realize that I have become much stronger even within the last month. For the first time, I put weights on my barbell to bench press (no joke, up until today I used only the barbell, my arms are about as useful as a T-Rex’s) and I added an extra five pounds for my squats. Even though I enter the gym feeling uncertain about the choices I have made for my workout, I usually leave feeling like Wonder Woman, and that, my friends, is pretty badass.


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