Tomorrow is the big day!

I made it through Thanksgiving weekend! Being in Germany, I had a bit of an easier time than most; in lieu of a traditional multi-course smorgasbord, Don and I, along with a few of our friends, went out to dinner in nearby Nuremberg. That is not to say I resisted all temptations, but, honestly, the holidays are for letting loose, enjoying time with friends and family, and enjoying the tastes of the season.

Me, enjoying some glühwein, the BEST taste of the season!
Me, enjoying some glühwein, the BEST taste of the season!

Tomorrow I will complete the FINAL day of the LiveFit Trainer! It has taken me more than twelve weeks (I believe I started on August 6th), but who is counting? I’m still very amazed that I have come this far; we’ve established the facts that I hate sweating and I’m not naturally graceful and that i’m a little on the lazy side when it comes to being physically active (I just asked Don to carry my computer over to me so that I did not have to get off the couch!), so I expected to make up some half-assed excuse part-way through the twelve weeks and quit, but I didn’t.

After tomorrow, I will be on my own again. It is tempting to start the program all over, as many have, but I think I’m going to try to fly solo for a bit. I will for sure be integrating many of the exercises that I have learned during this program (actually, I will probably be doing many of the exact same workouts, just in different sequences). I am making two promises to myself, and I am putting them out here on the inter webs for all to see so that I don’t skip out on them. Promise number one: I will do pushups at least once a week. I have to get better at these damn things; it is pathetic that I still can hardly push myself up after lowering only a couple of inches and I think it detracts from my credibility quite a bit. Promise number two: I will keep up with this ‘working-out’ thing.



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