Approaching the Finish Line!

this was a bowl of pumpkin soup
this was a bowl of pumpkin soup

Eleven weeks down, one to go! Although this week’s workouts were much more relaxed than the previous weeks’, it was a bit of a struggle to get through them because I managed to become infected with some sort of plague. In an effort to not infect everyone else at the gym and to not prolong my hacking and spewing, I added an extra mid-week rest day and I limited the amount of cardio I did. I am feeling much better now, and am looking forward to finishing out the LiveFit Trainer with a bang! Week Twelve is coinciding with the kick-off of the big Holiday season, in other words, the big Eating season.

This season is a hard one for people who are trying to watch their caloric intake; not only are there seasonal treats that you can’t find at other times of the year, but everywhere you turn, people are stuffing handmade-homebaked-family recipe whathaveyous into your mouth. After seeing some of the great successes other people who have completed the LiveFit Trainer and adhered closely to the diet have had (if you haven’t already, check out Alesha Hayley’s blog, WOW!), I have been reevaluating my own diet.

I suppose it is through some sort of comedic fate that I find myself doing this at the most difficult time of year for dieters, but, in a spirit similar to the one that was the catalyst for this journey in the first place, ‘if not now, when?’ If I can resist the temptation to overindulge in holiday goodies, then perhaps I will have more success at resisting the everyday goodies. This is a pretty big ‘IF’. Many people have a sweet tooth, but I have a full set of sweet teeth. I have yet to find a candy, chocolate, sweet cocktail or baked good that I dislike. This makes following any sort of diet pretty hard.

There were a few things that made me wary of the eating plans Jamie Eason outlined in the LiveFit trainer. One of the biggest problems was the lack of variety. I get very bored eating the same thing over and over again; I once tried to go on an all salad diet, where I thought I would eat salads for every meal and raw vegetables and fruits for all snacks, but after awhile I ended up with a fridge full of rotting lettuce and a car full of empty potato chip bags and candy wrappers. Jamie does a pretty good job of adding variety where she can and she provides many tasty recipes, but it is not enough for me so I am trying to apply some of her concepts to a diet that will work for a vegetarian* who has 28 sweet teeth and abhors leftovers.

egg "muffins" from Jamie Eason's recipe
egg “muffins” from Jamie Eason’s recipe

What I have taken away from Jamie’s meal plans is this:

1. It is important to eat enough protein to satisfy hunger and rebuild muscle

2. Snacking frequently (on the right foods) is good for your metabolism

3. I STILL eat too much sugar

I am working on trying to reform my sugar and carbohydrate loving ways even more than I did at the beginning of the program, the holidays are a really hard time for this because, more so than at any other time of year, people want you to taste the things that they have made themselves. Nobody wants to be the Scrooge who refuses a taste of sugar cookie, but in the same vein, it is hard to decline taking home the entire tray of sugar cookies without hurting the baker’s feelings. I KNOW why you want to send the tray home with me, it is for the same reason I do NOT want to take it home; if the cookies are in my house, I will devour them and you won’t have to. So, if you see a little of yourself in the ‘food-pusher master baker’, please realize that if someone declines taking home a tray of your famous fudge or wants only a small taste of your secret family recipe pie it is not because they don’t appreciate your efforts and skill (believe me, I have spent more than enough time appreciating people’s cooking skills) but because they are trying not to lose sight of their own personal goals in the midst of all this holiday feasting madness. I will update you all when I have formulated a master plan to get through the holidays. Wish me luck, and if you have any advice to offer, I’m all ears!

A cheesecake my coworker persuaded me to have a slice of. Afterward, she confessed that she hadn't made it, but had bought it. I don't even like cheesecake.
A cheesecake my coworker persuaded me to have a slice of. Afterward, she confessed that she hadn’t made it, but had bought it. Shame on her, I don’t even like cheesecake.

*I should say that I am not a vegetarian for any moral purposes (I believe you can eat meat in a humane and healthy way if you seek it from the best sources) but because I can not stand the taste of beef, pork, fish, lamb and poultry. I do not like it. This makes a lot of vegetarian protein substitutes unpalatable to me because many of them try imitate meat flavorings. I’m looking at you, Hard Rock Cafe Munich veggie burger…


One thought on “Approaching the Finish Line!

  1. AW thanks so much girl for the shout out!! Your doing soooooooo great!! It is soooo hard this time of year to stay on track, but you can do it šŸ™‚ And hey everyone deserves some pumpkin pie on thanksgiving šŸ™‚

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