PHASE THREE or The Time I went into Cardiac Arrest at the Gym

If you have watched The Mindy Project (and I seriously hope you have), you maybe remember an episode from season one titled The One That Got Away in which Seth Rogan guest stars as Mindy’s childhood sweetheart, Sam. In this episode, Mindy and Sam unexpectedly reconnect while Sam is home on leave from his Army deployment, hijinks ensue, and at some point Mindy is on all fours asking for a critique of her push-ups and Sam exclaims “That is just an up! You have to actually go down and come back up for it to be called a push-up!” I feel ya’, Mindy, I really do.

Today I began Phase Three of the LiveFit Trainer, and I can’t think of a time when I have worked harder at the gym. The day began cold, damp and grey, and my ambition was low as I headed into the gym despite the fact that I got there just as it opened, so for a long while, I was sharing the entire gym with just one other person. Usually an uncrowded gym motivates me, but today it only made me think “everyone who is NOT here has the right idea.” This is no way to start a workout, much less a new, more difficult phase of workout, but c’est la vie.

The upside is that there are now only four more weeks left of this self-inflicted torture! Not to say that I won’t still go to the gym, but I might give myself two days off a week instead of just one. Today, however; I had to continue to progress toward my twelve(ish) week goal, and progress was hard-won.

Before I had completed my first two (of thirteen) exercises, my quads were burning, my heart was thudding, and I wanted to lie down on a yoga mat and have a nap. A sense of doom settled over me as I struggled to find some grit and determination within myself. Just an ounce of grit? An iota of determination? There must be some around here somewhere… my mood did not improve as the gym started to fill up with people.

There is something really aggravating about being tired, hot, and sweaty and seeing fresh faces, ponytails still silky and un-matted by sweat, saunter into the gym, just as there is nothing more joyous than hanging up your jump rope and dragging out a mat for some post-workout stretching. I’m not sure why I had such a bee in my bonnet today; it may be because, after looking ahead at this week’s workouts (they are looooooong), I realize that some of my gym time will have to happen AFTER work this week (going to the gym at dinner time? Yuck.), and it could be that I am actually dreading the end of this self-inflicted torture a little bit. It may be tough to keep up with Jamie Eason, but at least I have a reliable schedule holding me accountable, all I have to do is show up. Whatever my problem was, it thankfully didn’t deter me from making it through most of my workout.

I say most of my workout because I substituted some ab-work for the long jumps I was supposed to do. When the long jump portion of today’s workout rolled-around, I just couldn’t make it happen. The gym had gotten too busy to find a space suitable and, honestly, my legs were all jumped-out. Since I have been prescribed more back and core-strengthening ab exercises by my Physical Therapist (side note: its kind of embarrassing to be prescribed ab exercises!), I thought it was a fair trade. Maybe not exactly what Jamie had in mind, but it was what I could manage today.

How have your workouts been going? Are you finding it hard to motivate now that the days are shorter, colder, and darker? What helps you motivate when you’d rather get a latte and do some online holiday shopping than lace up your sneaks and get your sweat-on? Maybe I’ll try dangling a cupcake on a stick just out of reach in front of me…



2 thoughts on “PHASE THREE or The Time I went into Cardiac Arrest at the Gym

  1. HAHA Phase 3 was sooo intense!! I just finished week 12 this past weekend.. and Im not guna lie the first two week of phase 3 made me want to throw up every time! HA BUT the last two werent that bad..

    You are hilarious!! I totally relate to you when you are drenched in sweat and you see other people who look like they just put makeup on! HAHA totally not me!! I always looked pretty miserable at the gym. But you are doing sooo awesome!! So close to the finish line!

  2. It is FANTASTIC to hear from someone who has finished the LiveFit program! Thank you for the tantalizing hope that weeks 11 & 12 will be easier (if I live through 9 & 10). What have you been doing gym-wise since your triumphant finish of LiveFit?

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