Getting a Move-on

Humans evolved to move around most of the day as we foraged and hunted for food, and I was reminded of this fact during a recent visit to my Physical Therapist for help with a serious crick in my neck. He advised me to make sure to get up and move about a little bit every forty-five minutes when I am at work and confined to a desk. Luckily for me, working in a Library involves more moving around (shelving materials, helping patrons hunt for specific books, organizing, chasing small children who have run amok) than many so-called desk jobs. Even so, there are some busy days when I look up at the clock and cannot believe that I have been confined to my chair for hours.

It is critical for our well-being to try to stay as active as possible both when we are at work and on those lazy weekend days when it is tempting to become fused to the couch from breakfast until bedtime. After the reminder from my Physical Therapist that people were not designed to slump in a chair for hours on end, I have been trying to do more stretching at work and checking to be sure I am maintaining good posture both while sitting and standing (my Granny should be proud!).

Sometimes I forget that even the simplest of activities (like cleaning my apartment) count as exercise; you may not work up a sweat washing dishes, but you burn more calories than you would sitting in front of the TV! Comparing these seemingly non-physical activities with complete inertia help me not get discouraged on days when I don’t do any “real” exercise. I can console myself with the fact that I had to do seventeen laps around the grocery store in search of molasses (can we all just agree that it should go with the baking supplies?) or that I spent an hour reorganizing the Juvenile 567.9’s (dinosaurs get a lot of play at our library!) when I am feeling crappy because I didn’t have time to go to the gym. It’s not much, but it is better than nothing. On days when I do not have to go to work, it is obviously much easier to keep moving.

Today is All Saints Day and most businesses in Germany are closed (including my Library), so I had plenty of time for fun. I started my morning with a nice ride…

Morning ride
Morning ride

Then I made my way to the gym for my Jamie Eason prescribed workout and my Physical Therapist prescribed stretches, and after the gym I did some grocery shopping. Then I cleaned my apartment to the sounds of iTunes radio….

chasing the dust bunnies away
chasing the dust bunnies away

Once the apartment was sparkling and smelling fresh (as fresh as an apartment with a litter box and a dog who likes to roll on animal carcasses CAN smell), Jack and I went on a very chilly walk…

Ready for action
Ready for action

Upon returning home, I made some pizza dough to rise for dinner, took a much needed shower, and now I am trying to decide between watching an episode of The Mindy Project (super funny and relatable humor) or BBC’s Sherlock (quirky British humor with a little mystery).

I had a pretty fun day and managed to do quite a bit of moving and grooving, just ask my FitBit!

photo 4

If ever you are feeling down on yourself because you missed your gym date or couldn’t drag yourself out of bed for that early morning run, cut yourself some slack and think about all of the walking and moving that you DID do; how many times did you walk back and forth to the copier? How far did you have to trudge from your car to the grocery store? And how many trips did it take to and from the car before you made it into the grocery store with your wallet, list, coupons, and eco-friendly cloth bags (for me, it would be four trips)? Sometimes it’s all about the little things.


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