I’m baaaaaaack…

…and really no worse for the wear. My projected five day absence from the gym (two travel days to cross the ocean twice, three days enjoying the wedding festivities) accidentally turned into six days of absenteeism because of a miscommunication with my beloved husband, Don, about when our beloved mutt, Jackson, could be dropped off at his kennel.

Jack, having a sniff
Jack, having a sniff

I was kind of worked-up about this change in plans, but although missing one day feels like a big deal when I’m trying to train myself to stick with a consistent schedule, it really is not a big deal when I was already planning on missing five. There really is no substitute for a Jamie Eason workout, but I tried to make up for the lack of workout by taking Jack for an extra long walk before his kennel check-in time.* We embarked on one of our favorite walking routes (an approximately 4 mile, 35 floor hike to the big church on top of the hill overlooking Amberg) in the late fall drizzle and had quite a nice time.

a foggy view of Amberg
a foggy view of Amberg

That was the last bit of physical activity I participated in until I returned to the gym yesterday. Activities I did participate in include: drinking fancy pants cocktails, eating fancy schmancy foods, ooh-ing and aah-ing over the bride’s hair, make-up, veil, and dress (she looked beautiful), busting a gut with old friends from college and new friends made through the bride and groom, exploring New Orleans’ French Quarter (will be returning for a lengthier visit when possible), shaking my tail feather on the dance floor (ok, that is a physical activity), and a lot of sitting in airport terminals, on airplanes, and on trains. In all, the trip was fantastic and I am pretty sad that it is over.

All good things must come to an end, or so they say. At the very least, I have the comfort of Jamie’s ball-busting workouts to help guide me back into my routine. Unlike when my family visited, I opted to pick back up where I left off in the middle of Week 7. I decided this was the best route because I was not about to enter a new phase (in September, I had been about to go from phase one to phase two), and I was interrupted for less than a week when earlier, I had been interrupted for more than two. I still took it easy both yesterday and today, making sure to lift a little lighter and take a few more breaks to be sure that I wasn’t over doing it, and things feel pretty good.

I’m not shaky in my workouts or more sore than normal afterward. The cardio is still manageable, and things are settling back to normal. I’m pleased with this, because even after I make it through the 12 weeks of the LiveFit Trainer, I want to be able to continue working out to stay fit and feeling good, and I will be waaaaay less likely to stick with it if I feel like a limp noodle after every vacation. A girl needs her down time, you know?

I am glad to be back in the gym and back here with you, and I hope you have been able to stick with your fitness programs, and, if not, that you are having an easy time re-assimilating back into the world of the gym.

*Please don’t feel badly for Jack or think that we are bad dog parents; he loves his kennel and what self-respecting dog wouldn’t? New butts to sniff, new grass to pee on, new friends to chase, and the kennel lady treats him like a little prince. Sometimes it is actually hard to get him to come back home with us.


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