LiveFit Trainer, Day One: Pushups are F@*%ing Hard

I am beginning this program with great expectations and a little skepticism. I have watched Jamie Eason’s videos and read her email the night before, I’ve eliminated most of my stash of junk food*, and I’ve enlisted the help of someone who knows their way around the Nautilus machines for my first LiveFit workout.

My expectations are high because this beautiful, blonde, Athena is telling me that in just 12 weeks, I could look like she does! Jamie looks amazing (even her eyebrows look fit) and while it would be nice to think that I will resemble her after this program, I must remind myself that no two human bodies are alike and that I have already decided not to adhere to her strict diet and supplementation guidelines, so I will probably not see the same results as I would if I were doing the whole program. If the diet and supplements are something you think you can manage, more power to you, but remember that you are making LIFE changes here, not just temporary changes. We must adjust the program to fit into our life in a way that can be sustained long term; if we are too hard on ourselves, we won’t stick with it.  Here are the changes I am making to my current diet/supplement routine:

1. Less junk food.  At some point I decided a serving of Haribo gummies was one entire package. Perhaps that is why I now resemble a gummy in physique?

2. More fruit and veggies. I’m a vegetarian, so this is actually a little hard, but I have managed to find instances where I am reaching for a processed snack when I should be reaching for an earth-made snack.

3. Eat a better breakfast. No more chomping down a granola bar while I walk the dog in the morning. Its time to dish up some oatmeal or yogurt and fruit so that I make it more than an hour without wanting to eat again.

4. Smaller portions of the not-so-good for you stuff. In Germany, there is a dish called Käsespätzle which is like macaroni and cheese only made with small dumplings instead of pasta and is served with crispy, fried onions on top. When you order it in a restaurant, you get about five pounds of it and usually a small salad. I’m trying to eat all of the salad and some of the cheesy dumplings instead of the other way around.

5. Take a multivitamin with calcium and iron.

Change 3, eat a better breakfast.
Change 3, eat a better breakfast.

These are easy things to do, and things I think I can continue to do for the long haul. We know ourselves best, and if we take a few minutes, we can all find a place in our diet that could use a little work. Maybe you could cut your daily caramel, whipped cream, circus in a cup from Starbucks down to a once a week thing? If pizza is your weak spot, try making it at home where you can control the ingredients. Maybe that ice cream cone on the way home from work is the only thing that gets you through your Monday? Don’t deprive yourself, but try one scoop instead of two and walk around the block while you savor it instead of sitting on a bench. We can exercise all we want, but if we don’t modify our eating habits, all our hard work will be in vain.

I’ve got a plan for where my diet should be headed, and I’ve found a Fitness Freak who is willing to be my tour guide through the gym. Most of the exercises for today are pretty easy to execute once you have watched the how-to videos; the bigger challenge for me today is getting over my self-consciousness at the gym. I really hate looking like I don’t know what I am doing, and I am already at a disadvantage in the gym because I am not lean and chiseled (hmmmm, I wonder which of these ladies has never used this equipment before? The one with the abs on her abs or the lumpy Mrs. Potatohead lookalike?). It should also be noted that if you do not know what you are doing, you could really hurt yourself doing something incorrectly. Day One focuses on chest and triceps which sounds pretty innocuous, until you get to the push-ups. There are two types of push-ups in the workout for Day One, and I’m not sure which type is more torturous.

I struggled to do some facsimile of a push-up on my knees (the ‘girl way’ as I learned it in grade school), arms shaking, sweat beading on my hairline, while my FFF (Fitness Freak Friend) easily did twice as many as we were required to do, even touching his nose to the floor. My push-ups were weak and pathetic, and I felt the same; shouldn’t my arms be able to support the weight of my upper body? No matter, it can only get better.

Upon completing Day One’s workout, I felt pretty kick-ass. I had managed to do all of the exercises and now had a pretty good idea of the layout of the gym and those grunting, sweating, muscle-bound people didn’t intimidate me as much. Never mind that after my workout I could hardly lift my arms to wash my hair, I took a big step out of my comfort zone (a twenty foot radius from my couch) and toward a happier, healthier zone.

*The term ‘eliminated’ might lead some of you to believe that I threw away my stash of junk food. Uh-uh, I ate it. Pretty much all of it. It was the most glorious half hour of my day, but probably counterproductive. Along with my muscles, my willpower could use some strengthening.


2 thoughts on “LiveFit Trainer, Day One: Pushups are F@*%ing Hard

  1. Good for you finding a gym routine; hold on to it! Since leaving college I have never been able to go to a gym for more than a couple times because I could never get myself into a gym routine that felt satisfying.

    Also, push-ups are very hard, but you become much better at them surprisingly fast after the first couple weeks of shaky arms. I go through phases where I do lots of push-ups, and then move on to something else. Every time I go back, shaky arms again for a while.

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